RSL Money Low Rate Visa Card

Give back to the RSL Community whilst benefitting from one of Australia’s lowest credit card rates. We will donate $24.50 (half of the annual fee) to the RSL for every credit card funded, for every year the card is held.


At RSL Money we understand that not everyone has the same spending habits or card needs. That's why we offer the choice of 2 cards.

Visa Debit Card*

Shop online, in stores or overseas using your own money with an RSL Money Visa Debit card, linked to your RSL Money Deeming or Sub-Branch Account.

Key Features

  •  Accepted at over 30 million locations and over 1 million ATMs worldwide
  •  Multi access (BPAY, Online and Phone Banking)
  •  Visa payWave payment method
  •  Embedded with chip technology for additional security

Low Rate Visa Credit Card*

With a low purchase rate, annual fee and balance transfer rate you’ll love the convenience and value of the RSL Money Low Rate Visa Credit Card.

Key Features

  •  0.00% 12 month balance transfer rate
  •  11.99% ongoing purchase rate
  •  Visa payWave enabled
  •  Worldwide acceptance
  •  Up to 55 days interest free on purchases
  •  24 hour card hotline

*AUD $1,000 per day combined

Visa payWave

Contactless payments for purchases under $200.

RSL Money Visa credit and debit cards come equipped with Visa payWave contactless payment technology.

This means you no longer need to swipe your card, enter a PIN or sign your name at the register when making purchases under $200 at participating merchants. Simply hold your RSL Money credit card or debit card to the payWave reader, wait for the 'beep' and you're done.

Visa payWave is accepted at Australia's leading retailers.

See frequently asked questions here.

Card Security

If your card is lost or stolen, report it as soon as you can by calling 1300 000 775 or call the VISA International Hotline specific to the country you are in.

Read our top tips for protecting your card here.

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