The RSL Benefit

Giving back to RSL

Members of RSL Money can feel proud of their association to the RSL while banking with RSL Money. Every time you use your RSL Money Visa Credit or Debit Card, you’re helping to promote the RSL brand throughout the broader community.

Benefits on the RSL Money Low Rate Visa Card

With the RSL Money Low Rate Visa Credit Card we acknowledge your commitment to the RSL by offering you a low purchase rate, balance transfer rate, and a low annual fee. RSL Money will donate $24.50 (half of the annual fee) to the RSL for every credit card funded, for every year the card is held.

Benefits on the RSL Money Pension Account

RSL Money will contribute 0.20% p.a. of Pension Account balances to the RSL National every month and at no cost to you. That means, the more you save the more we can give back to the RSL movement.

Benefits on the RSL Money Sub-Branch Account

RSL Money Sub-Branch Accounts will receive a debit card with the RSL Money logo and your Sub-Branch name. 

Funds raised go back to helping the Defence Community

When you invest with RSL Money, your funds will go towards providing financial assistance to current serving members of the Defence through products such as DHOAS Home Loans. So you can feel good knowing your savings will go back to helping Defence families who are getting started financially.

Donations and contributions raised from the RSL Money initiative go towards the RSL National Office and will help to keep RSL annual membership fees low.

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